In 2006, we had a vision to build a innovative, safe, intimate rehearsal facility for artists of all backgrounds and levels of experience to enjoy. We wanted a professional, class act establishment that offered affordable pricing and a warm friendly local feel. Our solution was simple: Let’s offer large rehearsal rooms stocked with professional equipment, flexible schedules, no-long term commitments, and operate them with meticulous care and premier customer service. In other words, let’s build the rehearsal facility we’d love to practice in ourselves.

Our business model eliminated the hassle of long-term commitments and the transporting of amps & drums in and out of traditional ‘lockout room’ studios.  We only charge artists for the time that they actually rehearse, and are happy to save them a considerable amount of money while accommodating their scheduling needs.

Originally located in Marietta, GA, we moved our facility in 2012 to the heart of Atlanta to accommodate the expanding needs of our customers. Now we enjoy the freedom to operate 24/7 and serve customers from all over the Atlanta metro-area and touring artists from all over the world. We are proudly co-located with Avatar and Thunderbox Studios, and still offer our great low rates, full professional backline and the intimate, caring environment we’ve always believed in.

“Had a chance to get into an ARR studio last weekend. It was great! Super clean, organized, equipped, and ready to rock. It’s a big room so you can get loud with feeling “compressed” or destroying your hearing- I highly recommend these guys. Total pros!”Steven Walker, www.stevenwalkerdrums.com