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Ember City Studio 1 and Studio 2

1170 Sylvan Road SW, Atlanta GA 30310 (located inside Mastodon’s Ember City).

Our studio rooms are large measuring 20′ x 15′, climate controlled by a central HVAC (3 industrial floor fans are also in the room), and feature an excellent sound-insulating design.  WiFi is also free and available.


-MAXIMUM of 6 people/rehearsal.  No Exceptions and rehearsals will be terminated immediately without refund.

-Hand Sanitizer is provided in the room to use before and after touching our gear.

-Gear will be disinfected throughout the week based on volume.

-We are NOT providing microphones OR mic cables.  Customers need to bring AND take their own mics and cables.  Please contact us for cable questions.


  • Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier 50w head w/Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4×12 cabinet
    • OR
  • Marshall JCM 2000 50/100w head w/ Marshall 1960A 4×12 cabinet
  • Orange Crush Pro 120 w/Marshall 1960A 4×12 cabinet.
  • Hartke HA3500 350w head w/ 8×10 stack (2 cabs)
  • Behringer keyboard amp (180-watts)
  • Mackie 808M 1200w powered mixer (8 channels/master & monitor mix)
  • 2, 15″  Yamaha SMV15 Pole-Mounted Monitors and 1, SMV12 12″ floor monitor for the drummer.
  • Tama Superstar Classic (Maple Shells) 5-Piece kit with 3 Cymbal Stands, Hi-Hat Stand, Kick-Pedal, and Throne.  Evans G2 or Remo Ambassador heads changed every 3rd month (or sooner if needed).
  • We DO NOT and will no longer provide mics or cables.
  • We do have guitars (ESP, Fender, Gibson), basses (Spector and Yamaha), cymbals (Zion), and a digital piano (Yamaha) for in-studio rentals in addition to a variety of different amps from Orange, Marshall (JCM 800’s), Friedman, Diezel, Budda, and Kustom.  Please contact for pricing and availability.

Please note, we only provide the equipment listed above (amps, drums, and PA system).  Customers are expected to bring their own instruments (guitars, keyboards), cables, effects pedals, etc in addition to microphones and microphone cables.  Drummers should bring their own cymbals, high-hat clutch, and sticks.  If using a computer or mobile device with our PA system, customers should bring a cable to plug into the mixer which has RCA inputs (we typically have a 3.5mm > RCA cable plugged into the mixer).  Please note that we do not staff a sound engineer in our rehearsal studios.  Therefore, customers are responsible for set-up, dialing in their own sound, settings, etc.

We proudly feature Orange, Marshall, Hartke, and Mesa Boogie Amplifiers and Tama Drums.  Please take a moment to check out our sponsors for more information on their gear!


Hartke Black




All of our Amps are professionally serviced and maintained by Andrews Amp Lab in Atlanta, GA.  Please contact Jeff for any of your amp repair/modification needs in addition to inquiring about his line of custom handwired boutique guitar amps (used by Jimmy Herring, Zac Brown Band, and Carl Culpepper)!

SRO always chooses the best. Check out this rehearsal space, you won’t be disappointed. Great Facility!Gary Edwards,