Personable service / Low rates / Better rehearsals

In 2006, we had a vision to build an intimate rehearsal facility for artists of all backgrounds to enjoy.  We wanted top notch rooms that offered affordable rates and a warm friendly local feel.  Our solution was simple: Let’s offer large rehearsal rooms stocked with top of the line equipment, offer flexible schedules and operate them with premier customer service.  In other words, let’s build a place we’d love to rehearse in ourselves.

Originally in Marietta, GA, we relocated to the iconic Avatar and Thunderbox Studios in 2012.  Here we enjoyed a wonderful business partnership and were able to serve hundreds of musicians from all over the world.  However,  in late 2015, both Avatar and Thunderbox were purchased by developers that forced us, as well as many others, to find a new home.

But as they say, the best is yet to come!  After a year of searching for our perfect new home, we received the opportunity of a lifetime with Mastodon’s brand new facility EMBER CITY.  Here, our passion for music and the community is shared by like-minded owners with similar long-term goals.  They have spared no expense in making this new facility the very best with musicians’ needs at the forefront of their design.

We are fortunate and grateful for this opportunity to be a part of Ember City and to share this first-rate facility with you, our customers.  Thank you and stay true to your music!

– Kirk & Mike

Drumsticks - Atlanta Rehearsals
“Had a chance to get into an ARR studio last weekend. It was great! Super clean, organized, equipped, and ready to rock. It’s a big room so you can get loud with feeling “compressed” or destroying your hearing- I highly recommend these guys. Total pros!”Steven Walker, www.stevenwalkerdrums.com